Member of Russian public organizations

The Wildlife Photographers Union is a non-profit organization uniting about three hundred and fifty nature photographers in eleven regions of Russia.


Union membership: from 2019


Joint travel:

2019 "Park Oleniy" Lipetsk region

2021 "Bryansk forest" Bryansk region

The Russian Geographical Society was founded by the highest order of Nicholas I in 1845. Today the RGS has over 22,000 members in Russia and abroad. Regional branches of the Company are open in all 85 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. ...


Membership in the society: since 2019.



Chairman of the Phenological Commission since May 2021.


Environmental movement "Green Wave"

Cultural and ecological club "Green Meridian"

All-Russian ecological public organization, the purpose of which is to preserve the species diversity, number and habitats of wild birds in Russia. Now its branches are located in 64 regions of the Russian Federation, uniting more than 2,500 professional ornithologists and bird lovers.


Union membership: from 2020


Events attended:

Spring bird census

Nightingale evenings

Fall accounting of birds

Sinichkin day

Russian Photo Club. The main goal of the club is to create a platform where everyone will find for themselves exactly what they need now: support, inspiration, fame, popularity, new opportunities and much, much more.


Club membership: from 2021