Return policy



  • Return policy

We do not have retail items.



  • Limited Editions, Sovlanrus.pro. Item Frames Limited Editions, Item Frames are custom made and therefore we cannot offer refunds or exchanges.

Each limited series Sovlanrus.pro is made under an individual order. Therefore, we cannot change your artwork after placing an order.


  • Exclusion from refunds

If your use of our site or services has been terminated due to a violation of these Terms of Sale or our Terms of Use, we may refuse to accept any refunds from you. 


  • General information

All orders and transactions are also subject to the Sovlanrus.pro Terms of Use Policy, including, but not limited to, the Limitations of Damage and the exclusions of the warranty conditions set forth therein. The terms of use also include dispute arbitration and other important terms that you should revise. Descriptions, images, links, functions of products, products, specifications, price and availability of any product or service without prior notice, and our current prices on our Sites and Apps. We are not responsible for any errors in quoted prices or other information, all of which we reserve the right to correct. Orders are not final or binding until we accept them. Make prior submission or advance notice, restrict access to advance quantity or advance notice. comply with or impose the terms of any coupon, coupon code, promotional code, or other promotions; prohibit the user from making any or all purchases; and / or refuse any user to provide any product or service. Sovlanrus.pro is not responsible for any delays or disruptions in delivery due to reasons beyond its control, including but not limited to natural disasters, war, terrorism, embargo, quarantine, accidents, fires, explosions, floods, severe weather, epidemics, riots, civil unrest, lack of labor or transport, or any other similar or other reason. You are responsible for the proper and safe handling of any other products that you order from us. To the extent permitted by law, liability for any claim arising from any product purchased from us is the amount you paid for the product.