Vladimir Anatolyevich Sokolov

Born on April 21, 1979 in Dushanbe Tajik SSR.

About the photographer

At the age of 10, he began to try, not only to love the nature of the environs of Yasny, but also to photograph it. "Chaika-3", donated by my parents, helped me with this until I was 18 years old. Photographed, developed, printed photographs.

Then he threw all his strength into continuing education, received a secondary vocational education in the specialty:
Mining technician-electromechanic.

But I didn’t forget about nature either, I bought a used Zenit-E, it did not last long for me for about one year, the repair was refused - and the desire to buy used cameras disappeared at the root.

From birth, I learned the beauty of nature and its inhabitants:
in the Gissar valley;
on the Novogrudok Upland;

on the Eastern slope of the Middle Urals;
in the Southern Trans-Urals.
He studied, worked in the city of Yasny, Orenburg region, which was not on the maps until 1993.

Nurek, Tajikistan

In 2004, in connection with the move of the whole family to the Penza region, I had to part with my favorite job at Orenburg Minerals OJSC and move to live in the city of Penza, Penza region.
Leaving at the request of friends and admirers of my work, I handed out all my developments in photography so that they would remember with a kind word :)
In Penza, 15 years flew in one fell swoop for adaptation, in search of a permanent job and family.
In 2019 (40 years old) he returned to the ranks of photo hunters. 
I photograph the wildlife of the Penza region.

Yasny, Orenburg region, Russia
Penza, Penza region, Russia
Penza, Penza region, Russia